About Us:

It’s an ever emerging world around.
An attempt to be a part of the impactful change implies a delight.
“We delight in simplifying the things around.
 We delight in thinking different.
 All the above we delight in doing what we love to do.”
At dot technologies it’s a perfect blend of artistry and skill that
evolves to be an
appealing outcome.
We contend to harness the power of digital revolution to improve human life

Our Innovations:

The Pictionary tale: An image speaks a tale that long lasts your perception. As such a pictionary is a wise choice to build upon the vocabulary. It renders a quick yet long lasting grasp of the words. Here's a comprehensive pictionary with a collection of important words elegantly mapped to senseful images. So designed to cater to the vocabulary needs of the elite tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, XAT, MBA e.t.c. It's too fetching as a mobile app. For sure the tales told by the images reinforce a notion in memorizing the words behind. The blink of the image gets you through it's meaning. You'd find it worth investing a dollar to download the full version.


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